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Bailey's Beds Top 100 Dog Names of 2020

After a busy year of embroidering your dog's names onto our personalised dog beds, we have put together a list of the top 100 dog names at Bailey's Beds for 2020. 

This is our new go-to list for puppy name inspiration! Can you find your dogs name in the list? Let's have a look at our top 10! 

1. Frankie

Frankie was our most popular dog name this year, and what a cute name it is! Fun fact: Frankie is used in almost equal numbers for girls and boys these day for fur babies and humans. 

Grey Fluffy Dog Bed, Dog Name Embroidered, Schnauzer Puppy

2. Archie 

Coming in at second place we have Archie! The name Archie is a name of German origin meaning "truly brave". The name Archie made global news as the surprise first name of the newborn royal baby, son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex aka Harry and Meghan! 

Blue Spot Personalised Dog Bed, Dog Name Embroidered

3. Coco

In third place, on our top 100 dog names, is Coco. The name Coco is a name of French origin, which came to prominence as the nickname of the legendary French designer Chanel!

Black Fluffy Personalised Dog Bed, Dog Name Embroidered

4. Bella

In fourth place, we have Bella. The name Bella is a name of Italian origin meaning "beautiful", it is also related to the word for “beautiful” in languages including Spanish, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, and Greek! What a beautiful name for all our  beautiful dogs. 

Black Fluffy Personalised Dog Bed, Dog Name Embroidered, Cavoodle Puppy

5. Luna

What a gorgeous dog name, taking out the fifth spot is Luna! Luna is the name of the Roman goddess of the moon. Luna is derived straight from the Latin word for moon! 

Black Check Personalised Dog Bed, Dog Name Embroidered, Puppy

 6. Alfie

The name Alfie is a boy's name of English origin meaning "wise counselor", however, thanks to some villainous fictional characters, Alfie has long had a loveable rogue image, and has come in at number 6 on our top 100 dog names. 

Grey Spot Personalised Dog Blanket, Dog Name Embroidered, Mini Doxie Puppy

7. Teddy 

At number seven, we have Teddy! The meaning of the name Teddy is divine gift, and our dogs definitely are divine gifts! Did you know, this name was made popular by Theodore Roosevelt, who was nicknamed Teddy! 

Grey Fluffy Personalised Dog Bed, Embroidered Dog Name, Poodle

8. Bailey 

Although we are a little disappointed our girl's name didn’t take out the top spot this year, we are stoked to have Bailey make it in the Top 10 dog names! At number 8 we have Bailey. Did you know that the name Bailey means law enforcer or bailiff? Lucky we have Bailey to ensure all our Personalised Dog Beds are up to standard! 

Purple Personalised Dog Towel, Dog Name Embroidered, Cavoodle

9. Harley 

Coming in at number nine on the dog name's list is... Harley. The name Harley is a name of English origin meaning "hare clearing". Harley has a current sound but an old-school biker appeal, talk about the best of both worlds! 

Grey Fluffy Personalised Dog Bed, Dog Name Embroidered, Labrador

10. Leo

The final name of our top 10 dog names is Leo. Leo is a name of German, Latin origin meaning "lion". Fun Fact: thirteen popes have carried the name Leo! 

Grey Fluffy Personalised Dog Bed, Dog Name Embroidered, Cavoodle

Did your dog make it to the top 10 of Bailey's Beds most popular dog names? 

Here is our top 100 list, share it with you friends, family and dog lovers to see who’s dogs made the cut! 

Bailey's Beds Top 100 Most Popular Dog Names in 2020


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