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The Top 10 Our Favourite Bailey's Beds Customer Photos!

One of the best parts of our job is all the absolutely adorable puppy pictures our happy customers send us with their personalised dog beds and accessories. As hard as it was to choose, we decided to find our top 10 all-time favourites and share them with you, because who doesn't love looking at cute pups.
Let's get started!

1. Franco | Product: Grey Fluffy Personalised Dog Bed

All partied out! We absolutely LOVE this picture of Franco on his Birthday. This pup was lucky enough to be spoilt to a personalised dog bed from his mumma, and now he is snoozing in style! 

2. Max | Product: Blue Spot Personalised Dog Bed

Blue Spot Personalised Dog Bed, French Bulldog, Max
So peaceful! We had so much fun creating this custom bed for this cutie. We love the classic font and of course our hearts melted when we saw this snoozy puppy all cozied up in his new personalised dog bed. 

3. Valentina | Products: Pink Fluffy Personalised Dog BedPink Star Personalised Dog Blanket & Personalised Pink Pillow

Pink Fluffy Personalised Dog Bed, Cavoodle Puppy, Valentina
Cupid shot an arrow and we fell in love! Valentina was born on Valentine's Day and when we saw this photo she definitely stole our heart. Valentina is one very lucky pup with her personalised pink dog bed and an extra personalised pillow, because a dog can never be too spoilt!

4. Archie | Product: Black Check Personalised Dog Bed

We cannot get over this little guys face! Archie is using the chin rest on his new personalised dog bed just perfectly. Your pooch will always be Instagram ready with a bed this stylish.  

5. Elle | Product: Pink Fluffy Personalised Dog Bed

Pink Fluffy Personalised Dog Bed, Puppy, Elle
A bed fit for a princess! We absolutely love this very poised lady relaxing in her new royal bed, with the perfect colour scheme of pink and gold for the ultimate luxury look.

6. Lewis | Product: Blue Personalised Dog Towel

Blue Personalised Dog Towel, Cavoodle, Lewis
All rugged up! Lewis is loving bath time - or should we say "spa time" - with his new extra-soft personalised towel, and we especially love how he has wrapped himself up for extra coziness.

7 . Toffee | Products: Grey Fluffy Personalised Dog Bed & Pink Star Personalised Dog Blanket

Grey Fluffy Personalised Dog Bed and Pink Personalised Dog Blanket, Cavoodle, Toffee
Lounging in style! Not only is Toffee an absolute super model, but she also has very good taste, we absolutely love this colour combination! With our boho style grey dog bed and a touch of pink with our fluffy pink dog blanket, perfectly complimented by a gorgeous white embroidery!

8. Alfie | Product: Grey Spot Personalised Dog Blanket

Grey Spot Personalised Dog Blanket, Dachshund Puppy, Alfie
End of week #mood. When we got this gorgeous photo, we couldn't handle the cuteness!! We are SO jealous of Alfie getting all cozied up on the couch with his personalised dog blanket to end the week.

9. Anakin | Product: Blue Spot Personalised Dog Bed

Blue Spot Personalised Dog Bed, Cavoodle, Anakin
Anakin is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Everything about this picture is just perfect, from the matching tones of blue, the sun shining in, to the picture perfect rainbow. Anakin is living the good life.

10. Bethany | Product: Pink Star Personalised Dog Blanket

Pink Star Personalised Dog Blanket, Chihuahua, Bethany
Legally blonde vibes! Bethany is looking pretty-in-pink and giving us some major Elle Woods vibes with her little pink cushion, pearl necklace and of course, an extra-luxe pink personalised dog blanket. 
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With love, 
Lucy & Bailey

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