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5 Handy Tips for New Puppy Owners (That We Wish We Had Known!!)

Congratulations! You have decided to bring home a new family member, and what a cute family member they are. Amongst all the excitement, bringing home a puppy is a big responsibility and there is a few things we wish we had known before bringing home our pup, Bailey. Let's get started. 


1. No more destructive chewing.

It is all too often we hear about puppies chewing apart Mum's favourite pillow or chewing holes through shoes! So how do you prevent this? We have one word, redirection! Just saying no isn't going to cut it, so redirect your puppies chewing urges to a toy!


2. Create a daily routine for your puppy. 

Much like a baby, your new fur baby will thrive on routine. Create a constant schedule for feeding, playtime, training, potty time and lots of cuddling (although that last one is more for you). This routine will not only help them to begin to settle into their new home, but it will also help them improve quickly with their training. As your pup gets older and has settled in, their routine doesn't need to be as strict!


3. Prevent problem behaviour with a little bit of positivity! 

Dogs are looking for a leader, not a scary boss. So give your puppy a routine, a set of rules and begin basic training including "sit", "lie down" and "come" with lots if positive reinforcement, including praise, treats and games! Encourage their good behaviour, don't punish or focus on the bad. 


4. Get out and socialise with your puppy.

Puppies are best equipped to handle new experiences between 3 and 12 weeks old, but make sure your pup has all their necessary vaccines before you let them venture into the big-wild-world. Here are some ideas for puppy socialisation: head to your local park, organise a puppy play date with friends or family, go to group puppy training classes! The more people and dogs your puppy meets, the more relaxed, safe, comfortable and well behaved your dog will be. Always take it slow with any new experience and keep your pup's interactions positive and full of treats. 


5. Puppies sleep for how long??!

Your puppy will be doing a lot of growing and developing. This means that they will need plenty of sleep, throughout the day and night! Did you know it's perfectly normal for puppies to sleep about 15 to 20 hours a day? So set up a routine and give your pup a place of their own to sleep, they naturally seek out a soft place to sleep, so a comfortable dog bed of their own is always recommended. 


We hope this was helpful, comment below which tip you will be using!

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