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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool and Comfortable in Summer

Summer is finally here, and while you are cranking up that A/C it’s important to think about your gorgeous furry friend during the Aussie summer heat!

So here are our top 5 tips for keeping your dog cool this summer!


1. A Wet Dog is a Cool Dog! 

During the hotter summer months, it is a great idea to incorporate some fun water activities into your dogs play time or walks. Whether it be with a sprinkler in the backyard or at the beach in the surf. A nice refreshing play in the water can bring your dogs body temperature right down! 

Don’t forget to have a towel handy to dry them off before they get inside and make their very own pool in the house.

Purple Personalised Dog Towel

Bailey’s Beds personalised dog towels are perfect for your dogs summer playtime! 


2. Avoid the Midday Heat 

During summer, its important to plan your dogs walks to stay out of the scorching midday sun and don’t forget about the ground. A little trick that we like to use is to stay away from footpaths and roads, instead take your pup on a later afternoon bush walk where the ground is shaded. This will ensure they don’t get too hot and the ground won’t hurt their paws! 


3. Make Some Icy Treats! 

Just like icy poles for kids, there is nothing better than a nice cool treat for a dog on a hot day! We like to use a spare ice cube tray and fill it up with low salt chicken or beef stock and keep them handy for snacking on after a big walk.

Along with these cool treats, don’t forget to always have cold water at the ready so your dog can stay hydrated throughout the day!  


4. Set Up a Cool Space for Your Dog to Rest 

During the summer months it’s important that your dog has a nice shaded and cool place to rest, especially after a long walk in the heat! Lucky for you at Bailey’s Beds we have the perfect bed for your dog this summer! 

Large Pale Blue Stripe Personalised Dog Bed - Bailey’s BedsSmall Pale Blue Stripe Personalised Dog Mat - Bailey’s Beds

Our pale blue personalised dog beds & dog mats are 100% cotton, making them breathable and cool for your pup even on the hottest summer day! 


5. Get Grooming! 

Now please don’t go and shave off all of your pups fur for summer, their fur is actually very important for protecting their skin from the sun. However, what you should be doing is brushing out their fur every few days with a de-shedding brush to remove any loose hair that could be trapping a lot of unwanted heat! 


We hoped this has given you some useful tips for taking care of your fur baby this summer! Let us know how your pup likes to stay cool in the comments. 


Please note: Bailey’s Beds is in no way a medical expert and all tips should be further researched for your dog as all dogs are different. 

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