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4 Ways to Keep you Dog Entertained this Winter (and lockdown!)

Let's be real, it is that point in winter where our pups want to stay snuggled up in bed as much as we do! But it is important to keep your dogs mind and body as active as possible, especially during these colder months. We are also back in lockdown here in Sydney, so we are trying everything we can to keep ourselves, and our pups, entertained. 

Dog In Bed

Here are 4 ideas for keeping your pup entertained while you are staying out of the cold, or if your dog is needing some entertainment during lockdown! 

1. Incorporate Interactive Puzzle Toys Daily

Regardless of the time of year, an interactive (treat dispensing) puzzle is one way to keep your dog's mind and body active every single day. By keeping your dog's mind occupied, you will save your expensive pillows from being ripped apart out of boredom!

Dog Toys

The added benefit of these puzzles is, they slow down your pups feeding and providing rewards for solving the problems. Try this out for 15-30 minutes a day and keep your pup active, in mind and body, starting with simple puzzles and working your way up to more complex toys.   

2. Practice and Advance your Dog's Training

No matter how well behaved (or cheeky) your pup may be, it is always important to actively revisit your training or teach your dog new skills, this will get their brain working and keep you and your dog busy, all while in the comfort of your home! Some of our favourite tricks include "kiss", "sit pretty" and "dance"! Remember to give lots of positive reinforcement and treats in this process. 

Dog Training

3. Plan a Dog Spa-Day 

Give your dog the luxury treatment they deserve, plus some quality time with you! Plan out a pawfect spa day for your pooch, with a nice bath, a calming massage and lots of special treats to help them to feel relaxed and extra-spoilt. 

Dog Spa Day

4. Stay Active! 

When the sun comes out, get out and take your dog for a walk, run or a play in the park. Nothing beats the experience of exploring the outside world after being stuck inside! Try to find a new walking route or park in order to add some excitement and change up the usual environment and routine for your dog. 

Dog Walking on Beach

Have some more ideas? Tell us yours in the comments. 


With love, 

Lucy & Bailey

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