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5 Innovative New Tech Products for Dogs!

Although technology has entered nearly every part of our lives, we often forget that we can also use technology to enhance the experience and job we have as dog parents. So, if you are looking for some awesome new tech products for your dog, we have found five smart pet products to monitor, comfort, and entertain your fur baby. Let's get started!

1. Smart Pet Tags

Smart Pet Tags like the Chippit allow you to share your contact information quickly and easily with anyone who may come across your dog. Each Chippit pet tag has an NFC communicator and unique QR code. Near Field Communication (NFC) technology allows easy transfer of information between two devices. When scanned with a smart phone or tablet, people can quickly access your dog's home address, your personal contact information and even link to your dog's social media page.

For those unable to use NFC technology, the QR code option also offers an additional avenue for retrieving your pet’s information. The Chippit pet tag allows people to get your contact information should anything happen to your pet. Best of all, the Chippit doesn’t have to be scanned by a veterinarian. Anyone with a smart device can access vital information to connect with you concerning your dog.

 "Chippit" Smart Pet Tag for Dog Collar

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2. Fi Smart Dog Collars

Fi Smart Dog Collars allow you to track your dog remotely. By using the accompanying app you can keep track of your dog’s movements, even when you’re away from home. Fi's location monitoring technology allows you to quickly determine whether your dog is snoozing in their personalised dog bed or well outside their safety area!

These collars can also be used to keep track of your dog and give you peace of mind when they are in another person’s care. Keep track of where your dog walker or pet sitter is taking your dog and when.

Fi Smart Pet Collar, Dog Collar

You can also use Fi's smart pet collars to keep track of your dog’s steps and sleep patterns. Use built-in features in the app to determine whether your dog is getting enough exercise. Should you lose sight of your dog while outdoors, the built-in GPS will help you quickly locate your furry friend. The list of features goes on and on!

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3. The Heart Beat Sheep

Dogs and new puppies often get separation anxiety when you’re away. So, if your dog is anxious when you’re out of the house, a heart beat sheep may be the answer! These plush sheep emit a soft, soothing heart beat sound for twenty minutes after you activate it. The calming sound can help comfort your anxious fur baby.

This product isn’t just good for when you leave the house, you can also put it in your dog’s bed to help lull them to sleep. Their decreased anxiety will help both them and your household get a good night’s rest.

Heart Beat Sheep, French Bulldog Puppy, Personalised Dog Bed

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4. Automatic Ball Dispenser

Automatic Ball Dispenser, Dog Toy, Puppy Toys

An automatic ball dispenser can keep your dog entertained when you’re away or needing to focus while working from home. When your dog places a ball in the top of the toy, the ball randomly rolls out of one of the openings along the base. This sends the balls rolling across the room in different directions, keeping your pup entertained for hours.

This is a great product which allows your dog to get both mental and physical stimulation, improving their overall health and happiness.

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5. The Pet Cube Cam

These cameras were designed with your pet in mind, to monitor your pet when you’re away from home. The Pet Cube Cam is equipped with high-quality two-way audio that allows you to talk to your pet. For example, if your pet is starting to behave destructively, you can use this speaker to refocus their attention and energy. 

Puppy Monitor, Dog Camera, Pet Cube

The Pet Cube Cam has 1080p HD video and clear night vision, allowing you to keep track of your pet’s activities at any time of day or night. Whether your dog is sleeping or playing, this camera allows you to check in on them - or just stare at them while they do cute dog stuff (we are SO guilty of this!). Pet Cube's latest product has an incredible new feature which allows you to dispense treats to your dog while you are on the go!   

Your video footage is securely collected and stored on the cloud so you don’t have to worry about missing anything in your dog’s life. Plus handy smart alerts notify you when your dog is barking, helping you stay on top of any potentially dangerous events.

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We hope this blog post has helped you to find some awesome new dog products to spoil your fur baby even more! Let us know which product was your favourite in the comments.



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