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9 Instagram Dogs from Australia You Need to Follow Right Now!

We love our Aussie fury friends and we love seeing what they get up to on Instagram.

We have put together a list of 9 of our favourite instagram pups for you to follow right now:

1. @ginger_and_shallots

These two are a brother and sister duo from Sydney. Gigi and Kenzo, AKA Ginger and Shallots, are the cutest Cavoodle twins we have ever seen! You should definitely follow them, not just for the cuteness, but also for the great pooch product recommendations. They also have the cutest dog bed to snuggle in, if we do say so ourselves!

2. @arrow_collie

Arrow is a gorgeous Border Collie puppy from the Gold Coast. We love seeing what Arrow gets a up to around the Gold Coast, this lucky pup goes on so many great adventures! Arrow also shows off her best skills with some great training videos.

 Border Collie on Sand at Beach 

3. @alfie.minidoxie

Alfie is a very handsome Mini Dachshund from Melbourne! Alfie has the most gorgeous feed, with some serious beachy vibes! Follow Alfie to see his adventures around his favourite Melbourne beaches. Alfie is another one of our gorgeous customers, keeping warm and snuggly in his fluffy blanket! 

4. @kiba.mochi 

Kiba and Mochi and two gorgeous rescue dogs from Brisbane. These two are super wholesome, always smiling and spreading love. We recommend you follow them for a daily dose of happiness and paw-sitivity! 


5. @coffee_the_sheepadoodle

Coffee is a very fashionable Sheepadoodle from Adelaide, we love seeing all of his gorgeous outfits! He also is so lucky to have the best human big brother, their posts together are always our favourite. We are very lucky to call this handsome pup our customer, enjoying his very own personalised dog bed. 

6. @charlieandfrankie_

Charlie and Frankie are a gorgeous English Cocker Spaniel duo from Queensland. These pups are full of personality and we love seeing their gorgeous golden pictures in our feed. Plus, two fluffy pups are better than one! 

7. @seanthetibbypug

Sean is a gorgeous Pug X Tibetan Spaniel from Sydney! We love following Sean for his hilarious content! We are also lucky to call Sean our favourite local customer living right near our HQ in St Leonards! 


8. @twoadventurepups

We love these pups! Arri and Kirra are a very adventurous duo from Perth. Their photos are absolutely gorgeous, we wish we could come along on all their adventures. They also have their very own photo presets, which means you can buy them to make your pictures look just like theirs!


9. @fendi.gomboc

Fendi, AKA “Sassy”, is a Toy Poodle from Sydney. We love following Fendi for her amazing outfits and her adorable fluffiness! Plus, we think her daily stories with her “maid” are hilarious! We love seeing pictures of Fendi in her pretty pink dog bed! 


We love seeing all of these pup’s adventures, product suggestions, outfit inspiration, and pure cuteness, and we hope you enjoy following them as much as we do!

Let us know who your favourite #InstagramDog is in the comments! 

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