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Is your dog feeling the cold? Bailey’s top 5 tips for keeping cozy this winter!

Winter is well and truly here. As we start to pull out our heaters and heavy coats, it is important we don’t forget that our dogs are feeling the cold too.

Each dog handles the cold differently, depending on their age, health and coat. So, we have put together five suggestions to help you find what works best for your dog. 

1. Upgrade to a warmer dog bed

Just like us, our dogs like to snuggle up in a warm bed during cold winter nights. You may need to upgrade your dog's summer bedding to a dog bed with extra fluff and cushioning to keep them cozy all night.

You should also consider where your dog's bed is placed, ensure there are no cold drafts and try to raise the bed off cold tiling or timber floors to prevent heat loss.

Brandy is loving his cozy naps in his new personalised dog bed from Bailey’s Beds, just in time for winter!

dog sleeping in personalised dog bed

Bailey’s Tip: heat up your dog's bed with a hot water bottle before they jump in for the night. Make sure you check it isn’t too hot and take the water bottle out before they go to sleep!

2. Dress your dog for the cold with winter clothing

Small dogs, and dogs with short hair, find it especially hard to retain body heat during the winter. So, when you take your dog outside for a walk or play, it is important to keep them rugged up with a dog jumper or coat. Remember to take off their clothing once they are back inside or they may overheat.

Bailey’s Tip: If your dog has a lot of fur or a thick coat they won’t need additional clothing for the winter!

3. Rug up with a fluffy dog blanket

Blankets are a great source of warmth for your dog, especially when the temperature starts to drop overnight. Every dog should have their own dog blanket (or lots of blankets) to wrap themselves up in.

Bailey has tried and tested our reversible grey spot blanket and has rated it #1 for fluffiness and warmth. Grab your dog their very own personalised dog blanket before it gets too cold!

dog sitting on personalised dog blanket

4. Bring your dog indoors to sleep at night

If your dog is an outdoor dog, it is a good idea to bring them inside over night during the winter months, so they can get a comfortable night’s rest. At a temperature of around 12-15 degrees, your dog should be safe outside. However, once the temperature drops below 12 degrees, it becomes uncomfortable and potentially life-threatening.

If you do choose to keep your dog outside during winter nights, ensure that you provide extra warmth and shelter, and keep an eye on the overnight lows.  

5. Keep your dog dry

After a walk or playing outside during winter, with more rain (or even snow), make sure you dry your dogs’ feet and fur. For longhaired breeds, maintain your dog’s paws by trimming excess hair from between its toes, this is a place we often miss when wiping our dogs’ feet.

Bailey’s Insider Information: We will be releasing a new personalised dog product soon! This tip is your hint, can you guess what it may be?


Leave us a comment letting us know how you and your dog keep warm during winter. 

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