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Be prepared for the arrival of your new puppy with Bailey's 5 must-have products!

Bringing a new puppy into your family is so exciting! It’s important to be ready to welcome your new best friend by having the basics ready when they arrive. 

Bailey has put together a list of 5 products you need to buy before you welcome your new puppy home!  

1. Puppy Food

Puppy food contains more nutrients than adult dog food does and a puppy needs these special nutrients to grow and develop properly. It is also important to get some puppy-safe treats to help with puppy training!

Bailey’s Tip: When I first came home my Mum and Dad fed me the same food that my breeder was using. They slowly transitioned me onto K9 Natural puppy food, it is super delicious!

2. A Dog Bed

It is important to make your puppy feel at home with their own dog bed! However, puppies often have accidents, so make sure you always have some extra bedding on hand.

You will also want to consider that your puppy is going to grow quickly, so you will need to find an appropriate sized dog bed for their breed.

Bailey’s Tip: Our personalised dog bed’s are machine washable, which means they are puppy friendly, especially for puppies who are still being toilet trained!  

3. A Collar & A Leash

A collar is the first item you will need to put on your puppy. A collar will hold their ID tag and will connect to a leash allowing them to explore their new world!   

For your growing puppy, you will need a collar that is adjustable (so you are not constantly buying new collars) and made from a comfortable material. Your puppy’s collar should sit on its neck with space for two fingers. 

Your puppy will only need a short leash, until they begin formal puppy training, to give you control during walks and initial obedience training.

Bailey’s Tip: When you are walking your puppy it is best to use a harness. This will reduce the strain on their necks and prevent them from getting tangled up in their leash.

4. Bowls for Food & Water

This one seems like a bit of a no-brainer... however, there are so many options to choose from with different materials, styles and prices to consider! At a minimum, your puppy’s bowls need to be sturdy and easy to clean.

The best option, although it is often the more expensive option, are stainless steel bowls. Unlike plastic bowls, they last longer and they are less likely to become a chew toy. 

Bailey’s Tip: Investing in a non-slip and no-spill placemat for your puppy’s food and water bowls will save you a lot of time when cleaning up after your little messy eater!  

5. Toys!

Puppies are like babies, they are exploring their new world and they want to chew on everything that can get their paws on.

Different types of toys can benefit your puppy in different ways: for example soothing teething, providing comfort and developing problem solving skills. 

Bailey’s Reccommendation: My favourite toy as a puppy was my pink rope, it was the best for playing tug-of-war with Mum! 

With these 5 products you will be prepared, stress-free and able to enjoy your new fury family member. 

What are your must have puppy products? Let us know in the comments.

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