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5 Special Days to Celebrate Dogs in 2021

Although us dog parents celebrate and spoil our dogs every single day of the year, there are actually a lot of special days throughout the year dedicated to dogs. So, its time to put them in your calendar and make sure our pups feel extra-special on these special days! P.S. there is also a special day for all the pawrents too!

Let’s dive straight in... 

1. Love Your Pet Day (20th February)

  • Although it has already passed for 2021, this is a special day to add to your calendar for next year. Our pets are always there to give us unconditional love and help make our house feel like a home. So it’s only fitting that you take some time to show appreciation for them by celebrating them. Use this special day as a way to sneak your dog some extra treats or give them lots of attention and cuddles!

Bailey & Lucy, Photoshoot at the Dog Park, Personalised Dog Beds

2.  National Puppy Day (23rd March)

  • In our opinion, puppies are just angels sent from heaven with no wings! So of course we have to celebrate them with their very own day. If you are a new puppy owner, today is a day to spoil your pup, take them to the beach, get them a new luxurious dog bed, or pamper them with a day at the puppy spa. If you no longer have a puppy and your fur baby is all grown up, on this special day, it may be the day to adopt a new addition to your family!

Cavoodle Puppy, Grey Personalised Dog Beds, Modern Home Decor

3. National Pet Parents Day (26th April / Last Sunday in April) 

  • Today is a day to celebrate being lucky enough to be pawrents to our beautiful pups. Although we are the ones who bring them into our lives or rescue them from a troubled past, the reward and love that we get back from our dogs is the best gift we could ever wish for! What is your favourite part of being a dog parent? Let us know in the comments. 

4. National Dog Day (August 26th)

  • Yes, our gorgeous dogs have a day all to themselves! This one is a must have in your calendar. Although this day’s main purpose is to focus on homeless dogs as well as the amazing dogs working in law enforcement or as service dogs, it is also a day to spoil your pup with a little bit of extra love and attention. 

Bailey, Harbour Bridge Sydney, Spoilt Dog

5. National Pet Memorial Day (12th September / Second Sunday in September) 

  • A very special, yet somber day for all those who have lost a fur baby. Our pups come into our lives and create a very significant impact on us and everyone they meet. Unfortunately, their presence in our lives cannot be forever, so this day is set aside to remember our lost furry family members and all that they brought to our lives. 

We hope this blog has helped you add some special days into your calendar for 2021 to help you celebrate and spoil your dog, because they truly deserve it! 

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